Turkish Kilim Rugs

What is a Kilim Rug?

What to look for when purchasing a Turkish kilim rug.

Turkish Kilim rugs have a special history within the world. Each rug is handcrafted using special techniques that get passed down through the generations.

  • Kilim rugs are said to last two generations. Most of the rugs that you find for sale now are from the 1950's-1970's. Think about it - once a rug reaches you it is already 50 years old and holds so many memories and secrets that you will add to. Rugs are great like that. They truly become part of your family.

  • Cost - because of their handcrafted nature and their durability the rugs can be costly with the smaller ones being from $200-$300 and the larger ones venturing into the $1000s. These rugs are an investment that appreciates, similar to art and jewelry. That being said they should be treated the same when it comes to your homeowners insurance. Most insurance companies require a separate policy for rugs along with an appraisal. I'm happy to help you with this process when you get to this point. Send me a note -> melody@birdhome.com


How Are They Made?

  • Size - Each Kilim rug is made using a loom and therefore can only be as wide as the loom itself, because of this you won’t find very many kilim rugs that fit standard rug sizes. Most of them tend to resemble oversized runners.

  • Dyes - all of the dyes are naturally produced, for example the green dye comes from pistachios and browns from walnut shells.

  • Symbols - throughout history, kilim rugs were traditionally a rite of passage for women. Because of their durability and long life span women would bring the rugs within into marriage and would therefore be full of symbols that represented: good health, fertility, a good marriage, or other desirables.  


Rug Care 101

How to take care of Turkish kilim rug.
  • Because they are created with such care and are meant to last for up to two lifetimes they are extremely durable. The big thing that you need to watch out for is oil stains, so I would recommend keeping them away from your kitchen whenever you’re frying anything. Other than that, most stains can be removed with a little water and a mild cleanser like Dr. Bronner’s or something similar.

  • The most important part of rug care is making sure to get a good rug pad. If you don’t it’s like buying a brand new car but getting the cheapest tires available. The pad is what keeps your rug living its long beautiful life - so don’t cut corners when it comes to the pad. Look for a "Recycled Felt, Double Sided Rug Pad" if you're shopping on Amazon. You can buy them large and cut them to size.


Where I get my rugs

Where to buy the highest quality Turkish kilim rugs.

Interestingly enough I tend to get most of my rugs through instagram! There are so many great dealers on there and its a great way to see all the different rugs they have to offer! Listed below are some of my personal favorites: