and the pineapple?

For centuries, the pineapple has symbolized hospitality, welcoming and wealth.

A few years ago, Patrick and Melody were at a flea market and picked up an antique, brass pineapple cocktail shaker from the 50's. It quickly became one of Melody's most favorite things in their home and she was intrigued about the history. After much research, she learned about the deeply rooted symbolism of the pineapple and the rich history throughout centuries. Traditionally, the pineapple displayed outside of one's home was an invitation to come visit, eat & drink and share stories. 

It only felt natural to incorporate such a powerful symbol of hospitality into the new branding for BIRDHOME. We are honored to carry on the tradition of the pineapple and extend an open invitation to visit us and share your tales of adventure. 

That's the deal with the pineapple, y'all.