Our Investment Philosophy


Of all the ways to build and grow wealth, we believe that buying and holding real estate is one of the most effective, reliable means to become financially independent, leave a lasting legacy for your family, and give back to your community. We believe in "getting rich slowly" though the consistent application of proven, reliable real estate investment principles.

Our number one, inviolable principle is that cash flow is king. The only properties worth buying and holding are those that generate cash over and above all expenditures, including taxes and mortgage payments. This is true even if you are investing primarily to grow your net worth over the long term. Cash flowing properties build your net worth through debt pay down and generate the working capital to expand your investment portfolio. Appreciation is just icing on the cake.

Buying and holding for reasons other than cash flow is inherently speculative. While speculation has an important place in a mature and diversified real estate investment portfolio, we believe that exclusively or primarily making investments with time-horizons measured in months (rather than years), hoping for an outsized short-term gain, is no way to build lasting wealth through real estate.


Our Process


Each investor is at a different place on his or her wealth-building journey. Accordingly, our process begins by getting to know you, learning your overall financial goals, and determining whether real estate investment is a prudent and viable way to achieve those goals. We have a short questionnaire that gets the conversation going. If we both agree that real estate investment in central Texas makes sense for you, then the next step is to make sure everything you need is in place to move quickly when the right deal presents itself. This can include getting you pre-qualified with a lender or putting you in touch with an attorney.

We will then get busy finding and analyzing investment opportunities that meet the criteria we developed in consultation with you. When we find candidate properties, we will present them to you alongside our thoughts and financial analysis. Then, when you're ready to make an offer, we will represent you in the transaction by writing and submitting the offer contract, helping you negotiate with the seller, and seeing the process through to a successful closing. We can even help you get your property leased. Finally, until you're ready to make your next investment, you can continue to use us as a source of knowledge.

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